Team Depot Leaders: Jacob Roberts, Regional Community Captain

The Team Depot Leaders blogs tell the Team Depot story through the eyes of some of our best captains, including why they participate in the program and what it really means to them.

 JRIn January 2013 I was approached about representing the South Atlantic Region as their Community Captain. At first, I saw this as an opportunity to influence leaders throughout the region, but I quickly realized this role was much bigger than that. Early on, I started to see the value of understanding the different ways associates of all levels can leverage The Home Depot Foundation to enhance their local stores, their communities and themselves. I saw the power of community involvement and how passionate Home Depot associates were about giving back. By the end of the first half of 2013, the Southern Division was aligned and we started planning for Celebration of Service.

 Even though we had incredible Team Depot projects during the first nine months of the year, nothing could have prepared us for what we accomplished in the two months of Celebration of Service. Most stores, all districts and all regions made a significant impact on individual veterans and their families and also saw the power of making a difference for veterans throughout the year by helping larger nonprofits.

 One project that comes to mind took place in Wilmington, NC at the Sgt. Eugene Ashley Center, which houses 22 veterans and supports them before they graduate, employed with health insurance and a long-term partner to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Another that comes to mind is the Myrtle Beach, SC Welcome Home Center that supports disabled veterans. They are currently in the process of replicating the Sgt. Eugene Ashley Center process of housing to support even more veterans.

 Getting involved is a very rewarding experience and provides a much needed service for our veterans. Team Depot taught me the value of giving back and I challenge everyone to make a difference in your community and see how much it really means to help as many veterans as possible.

 Jacob Roberts

District Manager, Coastal Carolinas

Regional Community Captain, South Atlantic Region

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7 Responses to “Team Depot Leaders: Jacob Roberts, Regional Community Captain”

  1. Greg Stafford says:

    The VFW in Elizabeth City was approved for a grant last year to do the siding for outdoor cook shack. We did all the work ourselves. We would like to fix the roof this year. But due the height of the roof and the age of our veterans we are unable to accomplish this task. Would this be something that could be done by Team Depot?
    Greg Stafford
    Post 6060 CDR

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Greg. Unfortunately, Team Depot isn’t able to work on roofing projects. However, you can apply for another grant to help fund the project. Find out more here:

  3. E F Whitus says:

    Don’t tell me, show me! I have heard that my entire life. (75 years). Home Depot does that for the military. Your 10% discount shows how much you care for the military. God bless.

  4. Terrie Bryant says:

    Hi Team Leader, I have a historically significance 2-Story House that I use as a literacy center and would like to have the siding removed to get to the original board. Is this a project that your Team Depot could handle. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely.

  5. Jerry Stacy says:

    I posted a inquiry on Torrey Shannon’s page. I would appreciate it if you would read look at it and give me any wisdom regarding ways we might be of help to care givers like Torrey in the San Antonio, TX area. I will await yor thoughts. Thanks for what you do… Jerry

  6. Katie says:

    I am so impressed with all of the amazing Home Depot employees who volunteer their time to Team Depot and from the support they receive from their employer! Team Depot has done and continues to do life changing projects for our veterans. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. J/K says:

    We are very disappointed that your paint personnel gave us the wrong paint. Joe went in and asked for cement floor paint and was told that using the cheapest wall paint would be fine as long as we seal it with a polyurethane, which they also provided, with instructions on how to use it. This paint & polyurethane peeled off the floor. Joe went back, told them what happened, and was told to purchase stripper because it would take only the top layer off and would only need to repainted top coat. Not the case, it melted all layers off all the way to the cement, thus forcing us to remove everything and start over. We re-purchased the same supplies for the second time; repeated the process and the same thing happened. When returning to the store a different paint employee was present, who told us we should not have used any of the previously purchased products, but should be using an epoxy paint for cement flooring and a sealer called wet look sealant. He explained how to use it, what to expect, and what to watch for. We just finished the room using this method and have only had a few spots that are questionable but overall it is pretty good.
    We expect Home Depot to refund us the money for the 4 gallons of paint, the 2 cans of polyurethane, the 2 cans of stripper, and all the supplies. BTW the stripper was like rubber cement inside the can which means it was previously opened and used!
    We are quite frustrated and angry! Not only did we spend over $600.00 on the wrong materials, but also wasted two weeks of our valuable time dealing with this, not to mention gas and time returning to your store.
    We expect you to resolve this situation to our satisfaction immediately!

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