The Home Depot Responds to Spring Storms with Relief and Recovery Efforts

IMG_1203Across the country, communities are picking up the pieces after a series of storms brought deadly tornadoes and severe flooding this week.

The Home Depot has mobilized emergency support to aid relief and recovery efforts in more than 20 affected communities.

Team Depot, the company’s associate-led volunteer force, has jumped into action in communities across Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida in need of immediate assistance. In several communities, The Home Depot is partnering with nonprofit organizations like Team Rubicon and ToolBank USA to set up supply command centers in store parking lots.


photo 4

The Home Depot’s merchandising and supply chain teams also have been moving recovery supplies including tarps, generators, water, wet vacs and pumps into the impacted areas to assist residents with clean-up efforts.

To support the ongoing recovery in the many communities impacted by the spring storms, The Home Depot Foundation has donated more than $80,000 through its nonprofit partnerships. Additionally, The Homer Fund has begun helping associates and their families affected by the storms.

The Home Depot is also a member of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP). The Company’s annual $500,000 contribution to the ADGP enables the Red Cross to respond immediately to the needs of individuals and families affected by disaster anywhere in the United States.

Follow along with Team Depot’s efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

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17 Responses to “The Home Depot Responds to Spring Storms with Relief and Recovery Efforts”

  1. F. cole says:

    I thought Home Depot give 10 percent to military custom.ers everyday. Unfortunately I was wrong. My brother-in-law put five years in the Navy and fought in the Iraq war. Couldn’t even get 10% on a large purchase last week at Home Depot in Ranson West Virginia.

    • john allen says:

      Cole I had the same experience. Spent 2 years active US Army, 1968-1970. I had gotten the 10% discount the last three times I bought at Home Depot, but today they refused.

      I can tell you that the last place I want to be is at Home Depot on a Patriotic Holiday to get a 10% discount. I think their policy on this stinks, but it is there company.

      This is why I now shop at Lowes as they honor my veterans ID everyday with no hassle. Geez, they even thank me for my service. How nice is that?
      Home Depot can say all they want about caring, but they are not close to Lowes on this one.
      John Allen

  2. Team Depot PR says:

    Hi there: I’d like to clarify that all veterans are eligible for a 10% discount during patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day. Additionally, a 10% discount is available every day to active and reserve military personnel, as well as retired or disabled veterans. There are specific DOD-issued IDs for these individuals. This has been our policy for several years now.

    The Home Depot takes a broad approach to honoring veterans that goes beyond a discount for individuals, however. For example, we have an $80 million initiative to assist veterans and veterans support groups who are faced with serious housing needs. We also have another program, Mission: Transition, to assist service members and veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, a special online military employment community called Home Town, and we’re one of the most active participants in military career fairs across the country.

    I’m very sorry you were disappointed with our discount policy, but we do greatly appreciate our veterans and value their service to our country.

    • Dawn says:

      This is not true, according to Chris the manager at the Gahanna Ohio Home Depot. We tried to buy a washer and were told the discount only applies to non-sale items nor does it apply to appliances. He stated that policy was published on the Home Depot website yet couldn’t provide us with any such policy. We’ve made our last purchase at any Home Depot.

  3. Dana Hatley says:

    We were in Home Depot today to purchase a power tool set to be mailed to an address away from where I was. I provided them with my military ID, military address, and everything possible. I am in your system under my phone #, and they refused to give me the military discount. That is the reason I went in instead of doing it online. So I used gas to do what I could have done at home in pajamas so that I could get the discount, only to NOT be given the discount. Explain that! And please contact me to make it RIGHT! Thank you.

  4. Paul says:

    We are a 501 c 3 in Mountain City,TN. and we got hit very hard by a hail storm which put holes in our vinyl siding. We would love for Home Depot to help.

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    The Home Depot Responds to Spring Storms with Relief and Recovery Efforts « The Home Depot Foundation Blog

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    The Home Depot Responds to Spring Storms with Relief and Recovery Efforts « The Home Depot Foundation Blog

  9. Our California Home Depots have been such a heaven-sent, anything can be accomplished with the smallest of efforts!

  10. Thank you! Our California Home Depots have been such a heaven-sent, anything can be accomplished with the smallest of efforts!

  11. John Brooks says:

    I will be traveling to Nepal this fall to help teach and conduction homes for those villagers far removed from Kathmandu prepare for the winter. How can Home Depot help? My non-profit is The Nepal Tiger Project.

  12. Liz Clifton says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone about applying for a community grant, I have used my EIN and I have a 501(c) tax status, your website tells me that my EIN is not in the IRS database, but the IRS said it is and its valid. They have told me to talk with the grantor, but I can’t even get anyone to answer the phone. I have a lot of veterans in my community and they are mostly the ones doing the work, so why am I having such an issue?

  13. vk says:


    I’ve read a lot about The Home Depot’s attitude towards the environment and its desire to be a driving force in changing attitudes through constructive and real time methods.

    The work that you do through the Foundation in helping disaster effected communities is also impressive.

    What is if there was a flat pack construction brick which changed the way relief was delivered and cost?

    there is one – we just need to talk to a game changer like Home Depot about advancing it.

  14. Joseph Rose says:

    I have been sending my brother to pick up supplies for me at the Taunton, MA home depot as I just had a full knee replacement and need a hip done as well. I am 100% disabled and I usuall go there later to get my military discount. This last time I went there and I was told they don’t do that yet I have been doing it for years. They refused to give my discount. I also do this with Lowe’s and never have any problems as I show my ID and am welcomed open arms. From now on I will no longer shop at Home Depot as they do NOT honor veterans as much aas they put claim to. I will be shopping at Lowe’s from no on.

  15. Jim Fernandez says:

    Served my country honorably US Navy 1975-1978, was told that if I show proof of service Home Depot would give a discount. Tried today, but was told no sorry no discount.

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